2021: My Plan for the Year

Photo by Alison Wang on Unsplash

Back to the grind

So, I didn’t keep up with my Quarterly Reviews for the latter half of 2020 because honestly, things were getting real tough all around. I had a lot of plans that I couldn’t follow through with for one reason or another BUT this new year (and new Quarter) means a fresh new slate to work with!

So, let’s just pick ourselves up and dive right back in.

In case this is your first time reading my Medium blog, let me introduce myself real quick.

I’m Rhu and I’m a Full Stack Software Engineer and aspiring UX/UI Designer.

I’m also a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.

I have a Creative/Digital Marketing background and I have big plans to launch a Digital Media Agency this year (more on that later).

I’m also a Flatiron School Graduate and I’m currently taking Harvard’s edX course on Computer Science.

I’m based in New York City and have been living and working here forever (minus a few months here and there).

I’m passionate about tech, design, visual media, fitness/nutrition, business and marketing. I have plenty of hobbies I occasionally find myself in but for the most part, I stick to what I’m passionate about.

This year, I have 3 main things I’m going to hone in on like a hawk.

Besides my own startup, Knave Media, that I’ve been planning and working on in both the business side of things and the tech side of things, I would absolutely love to find my place on a dev team for a company I can help develop and grow with.


My gameplan is to practice algorithms using AlgoExpert and InterviewCake, go through some online courses I’ve curated this past year on Udemy and elsewhere, keep learning and building things, and apply to companies I feel like I may fit well in.

Rejections from companies after interviewing with them this past year were really hard on me (like Amazon, VaynerMedia, and Twitter). I really started to lose confidence in myself to be honest. But, I feel like I have a bunch of valuable skills so let me not shoot myself in the foot by not continuing to try my best, you know? Sooner or later, I’ll be the right fit for a company — just have to give it some time and effort.

Also, I’ve been gathering UX/UI resources to learn from because I really like designing websites/apps. Sure, it’s fun to code something to life but it’s even more fun when you can code something you designed, wireframes and all, into a working project!

So, expect some fun UX/UI projects along the way this year.

This year, I will launch my Digital Media Agency. It’s one of my dreams to do so and I’ve committed a LOT of time and energy learning the ins and outs. I’d love to help brands and businesses utilize digital media to help them grow and honestly, I get such a kick from it.

Being my passion project, I’m working on building out the website and architecture for it right now and it serves as a cool way to apply my technical skills to something I find personally rewarding.

My gameplan is to eventually build it to MVP (minimal viable product) and then transition to a more managerial/operations role while I hire out people to handle client work and such. I’d like to handle the strategy and systems once it’s standing well enough. But, that’s down the line.

The costs for starting up a business are definitely up there but I invested a lot of resources into my certifications for fitness and nutrition last year and it worked out well so I will commit on the same level (if not more) towards Knave Media for this year.

Speaking of which..

I believe I’m just about ready to take on a few clients again. I learned a very key thing over the last few months that I feel was very helpful in my understanding of how to approach adherence and compliance.

At the end of 2020, I fell off my workout plan and nutrition goals and it brought such a familiar pain that I’m sure others who try to get in better shape come to experience. I gave myself a timeout and wondered why did I fall off and what could I learn from it for next time and for my clients.

Personally, I fell off because I lost my focus for it. I got caught up in my job hunt. I lost the routine and I lost the momentum. Eventually, it all just stopped.

However, I learned that it’s okay to fall off because life happens and things happen and sometimes you really have no control over them. Sometimes you do. The MOST IMPORTANT THING is to dust yourself off, adjust yourself, and go again.

Forgiving yourself is key when things don’t go to plan. Getting right back into the grind of things is how you make amends. No shame, no guilt. Just forward progress even if it’s a small tiny step.

Anyways, I’d like to give that level of support to my clients — where they don’t feel belittled by their own inactions, failures or just life mishaps but rather, empowering them to accept it and get back on track.

I feel like that’s exactly what I needed and now I feel ready-to-go again on my personal fitness journey!

Tl;dr: keep learning, get a job in tech again, launch my digital agency, get new clients to train. That’s my bare basic plan but they’re all things I’m passionate about so it’ll be fun :)

— Rhu 🤘

Full Stack Software Engineer & UX/UI Designer